One of the best baguettes in Oslo- Upper Crust

Hi! Everytime I’m in the city centre I would buy a baguette from Upper Crust. There’s a good variety such as ham and cheese, shrimp and chicken to name a few. The baguette is crispy which I really like. I like to eat this when I’m travelling by train to visit my parents. Or forContinue reading “One of the best baguettes in Oslo- Upper Crust”

Baking and train ride to the countryside!

Hi! A few weeks ago I baked way to much so I haven’t eaten everything yet… Two days ago I also took the train to the countryside to visit my parents since I had some days off. Usually when I take a long train ride I get something takeaway to eat on the train ride.Continue reading “Baking and train ride to the countryside!”

Some of my favourite restaurants and cafe

Hi! Sometimes I like to order my food and some of my favourite food is sushi and baguette! I was introduced to sushi from some friends in university college. I didn’t quite like it at first but I really like it now! First, I only liked maki but now I prefer sashimi. I bought everythingContinue reading “Some of my favourite restaurants and cafe”