Simple, tasty and healthy!

Hi! Lately I’ve been into eating mozzarella with tomato. I can eat mozzarella as much as I want without any digestive problems. I’m really happy about that! Surprisingly I can eat a cinnamon roll which has some milk in it without any problems. I think the limit is one 🙂 I’ll still have to stayContinue reading “Simple, tasty and healthy!”

Feta cheese is tasty

Hi! I’m a big fan of eating salads. Sometimes I buy the snackpacks with either sundried tomatoes or with olives and garlic. Yes, I can eat Feta cheese without any problems 🙂 I just add some vegetables. In the first one I added some avocado too. If it’s plain Feta cheese I like to addContinue reading “Feta cheese is tasty”

Yummy! 🍅🥒🫑

Hi! Some of my favourite things to eat is tomatoes and bell pepper. It’s dressing in the middle to dip it in. Sometimes I’ll make my own dip with lactose free sour cream and spices. I also like cucumber but there are more nutrients in tomatoes and bell pepper. For my lunch I would bringContinue reading “Yummy! 🍅🥒🫑”