Takeaway pizza and Refresher

Hi! I was so happy to discover that Atarbucks in Oslo started selling different Refreshers last summer. Because of my lactose intolerance it’s always a risk for me to order a Mocha frappuccino which I like very much. If it’s busy they can mess up the order which can happen. With the Refresher it’s notContinue reading “Takeaway pizza and Refresher”

Summer 2020 part 1

Hi! In Summer 2019 I went to visit relatives in USA which was really fun. However, in 2020 I only travelled inside of Norway because of covid-19. I went to two places on separate weekend trips. The places where Kristiansand and Lillehammer, Norway. Kristiansand is located more south than Oslo and Lillehammer is a bitContinue reading “Summer 2020 part 1”


Hi! I had some bread rolls that wasn’t as soft anymore and decided to bakenitnwoth cheese. I added ketchup, cheese, red onion, sausage and corn. One day I also saw this pretty Christmas decoration On a building that’s close to where I live: I also found out that it was a santa hat in theContinue reading “πŸ•”