Lovely Sunday and today’s dinner

Hi! Today I went cross country skiing. I was planning to wake up earlier but that didn’t work out… I went to bed too late yesterday….Hehe. Last Saturday I also went cross country skiing but only for a little while and it was a bit icy… But the weather was nice. Today the weather wasContinue reading “Lovely Sunday and today’s dinner”

One of the best baguettes in Oslo- Upper Crust

Hi! Everytime I’m in the city centre I would buy a baguette from Upper Crust. There’s a good variety such as ham and cheese, shrimp and chicken to name a few. The baguette is crispy which I really like. I like to eat this when I’m travelling by train to visit my parents. Or forContinue reading “One of the best baguettes in Oslo- Upper Crust”

The time when

Hi! There was a year that McDonalds offered big mac mini for the first time. I think it was also the year that they started with paper straws… I think it was in 2018 when everything was pretty normal. I went swimming at Tjuvholmen quite often since it was so warm outside. I would goContinue reading “The time when”

Summer 2020 part 1

Hi! In Summer 2019 I went to visit relatives in USA which was really fun. However, in 2020 I only travelled inside of Norway because of covid-19. I went to two places on separate weekend trips. The places where Kristiansand and Lillehammer, Norway. Kristiansand is located more south than Oslo and Lillehammer is a bitContinue reading “Summer 2020 part 1”

Barbecue and new glasses!

Hi! Yesterday was the first day of my three week long summer holiday. Since the weather was going to pretty nice my older brother suggested that we would barbecue. I live in an apartment so it’s not allowed to barbeque with gass or coal on the balcony. Luckily, there’s a spot really close to theContinue reading “Barbecue and new glasses!”

Lovely Saturday and Wednesday

Hi! On Wednesday I had the day off from work. The weather was live so I decided to go for a little trip on my bike! On Saturday I wanted to bike somewhere new but I ended up using Maps because I was a little bit lost. Eventually I went to the place I’m familiarContinue reading “Lovely Saturday and Wednesday”

Ice-cream options

Hi! One of the things I really like eating is ice-cream! However, I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance a few years ago.  So eventually I had to go from being able to eat ice-cream to not eat ice-cream.  If I eat ice-cream my stomach gets really upset and it will last for several hours.  IContinue reading “Ice-cream options”