Homemade waffles and mini pancakes

Hi! I’ve been living in my new apartment for over 2 months now. I bought the apartment with my older brother. I’m still single and I don’t like to live alone… It’s been a while since I had waffles and I decided to make some today. I have to make my own because it’s tooContinue reading “Homemade waffles and mini pancakes”

Holiday- bought chocolate ball

Hi! I’m abroad right now. I arrived in Juan les Pins on Wednesday. I was worried that the flight was cancelled but it wasn’t! I went to Monaco today which was pretty nice. I went around Antibes yesterday. I’m here with my older brother and mother. My dad didn’t want to come with us 😦Continue reading “Holiday- bought chocolate ball”

Homemade pancakes and strawberries🍓🥞

Hi! I really like waffles and pancakes. I have lactose intolerance so I have to make my waffles or pancakes from the start. I can’t buy premade as it upsets my stomach… Luckily it’s fast and easy to make. Sometimes I use leftover lactosefree sourcream. My base ingredients are lactosefree milk, an egg, fine wheatContinue reading “Homemade pancakes and strawberries🍓🥞”

Ice-cream options

Hi! One of the things I really like eating is ice-cream! However, I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance a few years ago.  So eventually I had to go from being able to eat ice-cream to not eat ice-cream.  If I eat ice-cream my stomach gets really upset and it will last for several hours.  IContinue reading “Ice-cream options”

Homemade Soup!

Hi! Lately I have been into making soup from scratch! It tastes so much better too! I have already made tomato soup once and today I made cauliflower soup! I just follow recipes online. I have missed cauliflower soup since It’s usually made with milk which upsets my stomach because I have lactose intolerance☹️ IContinue reading “Homemade Soup!”