Hi! I’ve been busy so that’s why I haven’t posted anything here. On Monday I tried making French baguette for the first time but it wasn’t successfull… but it was tasty. I also made buns on Sunday. But I waited a bit too long so it bevare a little flat… I didn’t take a pictureContinue reading “Baking!”

Baking and train ride to the countryside!

Hi! A few weeks ago I baked way to much so I haven’t eaten everything yet… Two days ago I also took the train to the countryside to visit my parents since I had some days off. Usually when I take a long train ride I get something takeaway to eat on the train ride.Continue reading “Baking and train ride to the countryside!”

Homemade Soup!

Hi! Lately I have been into making soup from scratch! It tastes so much better too! I have already made tomato soup once and today I made cauliflower soup! I just follow recipes online. I have missed cauliflower soup since It’s usually made with milk which upsets my stomach because I have lactose intolerance☹️ IContinue reading “Homemade Soup!”