May 17th

Hi! Today is Norway’s national day. I woke up early despite of goung to bed really late yesterday. I made some scrambled egg for breakfast. Plus a drink without alcohol. I don’t really like the taste of alcohol… I’m making aome pavlova later, but I need more sugar…. Luckily some grocery shops are open .Continue reading “May 17th”

I love bread

Hi! I love eating bread and sometimes I’ll eat too much bread, hehe. The goal of my meal plan is to reduce my sometimes huge consume of carbohydrates and eat more protein. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that well… Like today: Ok it wasn’t that bad 🙂 Sometimes I’m a little bit better with theContinue reading “I love bread”

Once in a while

Hi! Some friends introduced me to sushi in my first year of studying pharmacy. Since then I’ve really liked it. Once in a while I like to buy sushi. Recently I’ve started to like sashimi. For me it was easier to eat maki in the beginning and now I prefer sashimi and nigiri over makiContinue reading “Once in a while”