Vegan waffle and barbecue

Hi! After work yesterday I went to buy some barbeque food. On my way back home I also wanted to try the vegan waffle from Haralds vaffel at Grunerløkka. The waffle was good. But I prefer my homemade lactosefree waffles. I had the pineapple from before. I love corn, and I also had the sweetContinue reading “Vegan waffle and barbecue”

Lovely Sunday and today’s dinner

Hi! Today I went cross country skiing. I was planning to wake up earlier but that didn’t work out… I went to bed too late yesterday….Hehe. Last Saturday I also went cross country skiing but only for a little while and it was a bit icy… But the weather was nice. Today the weather wasContinue reading “Lovely Sunday and today’s dinner”

Dinner yesterday and today’s breakfast/lunch

Hi! I was planning on going nordic skiing this weekend. Unfortunately I still had some symptoms from when I had a cold. I had a cold for two weeks and honey and lemon water was really good. I also consumed a lot of coug drops which made me a bit gassy… I can’t consume tooContinue reading “Dinner yesterday and today’s breakfast/lunch”