Breakfast-ham and cheese salad

Hi! Today I had a ham and cheese salad. This time it was store bought dressing. Although, sometimes I make my own. A salad can be more filling if it’s added kidney beans, pasta or lentils. I would also think of adding avocado. Ingredients can be prepared beforehand and right before you eat it youContinue reading “Breakfast-ham and cheese salad”

One of the best baguettes in Oslo- Upper Crust

Hi! Everytime I’m in the city centre I would buy a baguette from Upper Crust. There’s a good variety such as ham and cheese, shrimp and chicken to name a few. The baguette is crispy which I really like. I like to eat this when I’m travelling by train to visit my parents. Or forContinue reading “One of the best baguettes in Oslo- Upper Crust”

Potatoes boiled and air fryer!

Hi! I really like eating potatoes. A while ago I found out that I could use my air fryer to fry my potatoes. It’s so quick and tasty! Although, the potatoes can get a bit soft after a few minutes… You can eat potatoes with pretty much anything! I also like boiled potatoes. I hadContinue reading “Potatoes boiled and air fryer!”