Christmas 2022

Hi! I decided to head to my parents house for Christmas Eve. I’m leaving today since I have to work tomorrow. I took the train with my older brother not long after on December 24th. Mom made dinner: For breakfast/lunch(woke up a bit late) the next day I had sour herring and my attempt atContinue reading “Christmas 2022”

Pasta and boiled Chinese cabbage

Hi! I really like pasta, especially fresh. Or it isn’t that fresh since I buy it in a grocery shop. But it’s not dried and it takes quicker to cook, Sometimes I would make my own tomato sauce. Other times I just eat it with mushroom and sausage. The day after I wanted to useContinue reading “Pasta and boiled Chinese cabbage”

Homemade waffles and mini pancakes

Hi! I’ve been living in my new apartment for over 2 months now. I bought the apartment with my older brother. I’m still single and I don’t like to live alone… It’s been a while since I had waffles and I decided to make some today. I have to make my own because it’s tooContinue reading “Homemade waffles and mini pancakes”

My Autumn holiday

Hi! Over three weeks I had a small break so I took the train and bus to my parents house. I didn’t do much there but it’s way different than in Oslo. I’m from a small place three hours away from Oslo. It’s like going on a holiday for me now. That feels weird sinceContinue reading “My Autumn holiday”