Macaroni and cheese

Hi! A few days ago I was craving macaroni and cheese. Since I’m lactose intolerant I have to make it from scratch. I looked up recipes online. I might have sprinkled to much cheese on top, hehe. As everything gets more expensive nowadays I make more homemade food. It’s also better for me as IContinue reading “Macaroni and cheese”

Omelet with onion

Hi! A few days ago I planned to eat chicken with salad. Unfortunateøy the chicken had gone bad. So instead I made an omelet. I also boiled some potatoes. I also had a salad: Bye!

Spaghetti with sausage only

Hi! Sometimes I like to eat spaghetti with just sausage, mushroom and bell pepper. I didn’t make my own spaghetti sauce.


Hi! I woke up later today and therefore my breakfast has also become my lunch. It’s also my last day of my summer holiday for this year. i start working tomorrow. I managed to burn my food a bit since I set the the temperature too high ☹️ I also had to est my leftoverContinue reading “Breakfast/lunch”


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