Very quick dinner- taco

Hi! Sometimes I would buy a grilled chicken from the grocery for dinner. Yesterday I had it with tortilla, salad, lactose free sour cream, premade salsa and premade guacamole. I’ve tried authentic taco in San Diego in 2019 and it wqs really good. This is maybe a bit more similar to burrito? When I wasContinue reading “Very quick dinner- taco”

Onion is pretty tasty

Hi! Sometimes when I eat meat or pork I really like fried onion. It takes a bit of time but it tastes really good! Pickled onion is pretty good too and I like to eat it whenever I have pho. Otherwise I eat raw red onion in some of my salads. Bye!


Hi! One day I wanted to make stuffed pasta. Here’s the result: It took a whole to fill the pasta but it was pretty good 😊 Bye!

My Autumn holiday

Hi! Over three weeks I had a small break so I took the train and bus to my parents house. I didn’t do much there but it’s way different than in Oslo. I’m from a small place three hours away from Oslo. It’s like going on a holiday for me now. That feels weird sinceContinue reading “My Autumn holiday”


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