Meat and other food

Hi! I haven’t had meat in so long. Well, except for minced meat. And no, I didn’t finish everything so I ate the leftovers the next day. Bye!

Potatoes are so good!

Hi! Long time no see! One of the things I really like to eat is potatoes. I like boiled, mashed, baked and fried. I also really like vegetables! Bye!

Vegan waffle and barbecue

Hi! After work yesterday I went to buy some barbeque food. On my way back home I also wanted to try the vegan waffle from Haralds vaffel at Grunerløkka. The waffle was good. But I prefer my homemade lactosefree waffles. I had the pineapple from before. I love corn, and I also had the sweet…


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