Sashimi takeaway

Hi! When I started eating sushi, I only chose maki. Then I preferred nigiri or a mix. Now I mainly eat sashimi. Bye!

Long time no see!

Hi! I haven’t posted anything since I was sick for an entire week two weeks ago. I still have some minor symptoms but I’m way better! Today I had a salad for my first meal of the day. Usually I have more to eat but my apetite hasn’t quite returned to normal yet… I’m alsoContinue reading “Long time no see!”

Macaroni and cheese

Hi! A few days ago I was craving macaroni and cheese. Since I’m lactose intolerant I have to make it from scratch. I looked up recipes online. I might have sprinkled to much cheese on top, hehe. As everything gets more expensive nowadays I make more homemade food. It’s also better for me as IContinue reading “Macaroni and cheese”


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