Very quick dinner- taco

Hi! Sometimes I would buy a grilled chicken from the grocery for dinner. Yesterday I had it with tortilla, salad, lactose free sour cream, premade salsa and premade guacamole. I’ve tried authentic taco in San Diego in 2019 and it wqs really good. This is maybe a bit more similar to burrito? When I wasContinue reading “Very quick dinner- taco”

My Autumn holiday

Hi! Over three weeks I had a small break so I took the train and bus to my parents house. I didn’t do much there but it’s way different than in Oslo. I’m from a small place three hours away from Oslo. It’s like going on a holiday for me now. That feels weird sinceContinue reading “My Autumn holiday”

Homemade waffles and mini pancakes

Hi! I’ve been living in my new apartment for over 2 months now. I bought the apartment with my older brother. I’m still single and I don’t like to live alone… It’s been a while since I had waffles and I decided to make some today. I have to make my own because it’s tooContinue reading “Homemade waffles and mini pancakes”

Airfryer- potatoes and corn

Hi! One day I had corn and potatoes, I ate it along with baked salmon. I decided to try to make hasselback potatoes. I’m a big fan of corn and my favourite is freshly picked corn. Unfortunately I haven’t found a place in Oslo where you can pick your own corn. However, there are marketsContinue reading “Airfryer- potatoes and corn”