About me

I’m a 29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes sports, travelling and making food. I have a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and work as a pharmacist in a pharmacy in Oslo.

This blog will be about sports, travelling and food which are the things I like the most! So basically what I like to do in my sparetime!

My current interests:

    Photography. Got interested in it this year. My pictures are taken either with my former iPhone 5S or the iPhone XR. In the future I want to invest in a dslr camera. I’v recently bought a tripod and a small led light. It really makes a difference to my pictures taken with my iPhone XR. 
    Food. I like to make food and take pictures of food. I have to be wary about the food I eat otherwise my stomach gets upset. I can’t handle spicy food and artificial sweetener. I can eat a little bit but not more than that. I have lactose intolerance so I eat lactose free products except for cheese and butter. If I’m eating out and there aren’t any option on lactose free I eat vegan or dairy free. If I choose either vegan or dairy free I don’t have to worry about what kind of dairy products that are in it.  I also like to drink coffee and tea. For coffee I ask for soy milk since I’m not a big fan of oat milk. I find coconut milk to be to sweet in my coffee. I also skip the whipped cream. Otherwise the baristas that I’ve encountered are helpful if I have any questions about the drinks. 
    Sports like bicycling, downhill skiing and nordic skiing. When it’s possible I also like to swim. I also really like to exercise with a gym ball 😀 
    Travel. It’s not possible to travel abroad right now, but I also like to travel within Norway!
    Airplanes and cars. I really like the jumbo jets that has now been taken out of traffic like the A380 and Boeing 747. Whenever I see a car I haven’t seen before I look at it for a very long time! Especially if it’s a Porsche, Lamborghini to name a few. It’s not that common with sports cars where I live.
    Listen to music.
    Kpop- really nice songs.
    IT. I really like the internet and always wondered how it all works. But I’m just someone who has an interest in it and I don’t have a background in it. 
    Economics. I really like numbers and I would have taken a degree in it if it weren’t that it was hard to get a job in that field when I finished upper secondary school.
    Shopping. Sometimes I have to go online shopping to find clothing that can fit my skinny body. For shoes I have to try it in shops first since I have narrow feet..
    Hanging out with friends. Since I’m really shy I only have a couple of  good friends.

Former interests:

  • Snowboarding. It’s not suitable for my knees. I tried it for around 4 years before quitting.
  • Running. Too much to bear for my ankles. I can easily get overuse injury on my legs and ankles.
  • Theatre. I used to do theatre for about 3 years or so to help with my shyness. I still find it interesting but I don’t do it anymore.
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