Lovely Sunday and today’s dinner


Today I went cross country skiing. I was planning to wake up earlier but that didn’t work out… I went to bed too late yesterday….Hehe. Last Saturday I also went cross country skiing but only for a little while and it was a bit icy… But the weather was nice.

Today the weather was ok, and the snow conditions were pretty good. There were not many people as it was a bit early and most citizens of Oslo had their last day of winter holiday.

I have wax skis and this is what I typically use. I don’ think you need all of the ski wax and equipment. I just went a bit overboard…. I ski for fun and exercise and I have never been an athlete. I was too scared to participate in competitions anyway…. Though my technique in slalom is better than cross country skiing. The last picture is quite convenient for prepping skis in an apartment. I can just sit down on my giant footstool and clean, wax or glide my skis which is more comfortable for me. Rather than holding my skis and doing the same things. However, I highly recommend Swix hand cleaner to get rid of the annoying klister residue on your hands… I chose to buy the VP waxes last year, I think. I only use those when it’s getting warmer but not warm enough for klister. I’ve tried the Swix KN44 Nero and it works pretty well. I decided to also get the other one. Waxing skis is fun but it’s a lot to think about. I bought most of it on sale so I highly recommend that. Otherwise a lot of people use skin skis. My skis are scary fast, so therefore I’m pretty careful with the glider…..

From Saturday February 18th, Lillomarka Arena, Oslo, Norway

I used to go there whenever I had time when I used to live close by. I only took the bus but I had to walk for around 10 minutes to the bus stop. Plus you have to walk up a pretty steep hill before arriving at the arena. There are ski tracks outside the arena since it’s forest. It’s quite popular.

Since I live closer to the city centre now ( 5 minutes with metro) I rather take the metro to other ski places. The reason is that I don’t need to switch between public transportation.

Two popular destinations are Frognerseteren and Sognsvann. Frognerseteren have better snow conditions, but the metro is usually always full. To get to Sognsvann, I have to walk to a metro stop that’s a bit further from where I live.

First picture is of the view you see after stepping out of the metro at Frognerseteren station.

My dinner for today was baked potato, vegetables and some leftover bacon. Cook the bacon in the oven if you don’t want all the oil splatter!



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