Dinner yesterday and today’s breakfast/lunch


I was planning on going nordic skiing this weekend. Unfortunately I still had some symptoms from when I had a cold. I had a cold for two weeks and honey and lemon water was really good. I also consumed a lot of coug drops which made me a bit gassy… I can’t consume too much artificial sweetener since I get bloated and gassy. But what do to with a sore throat and then dry cough… But I have no symptoms today!

For dinner yesterday it was taco with a homemade spice mix.

I found these ‘’boats’’ when I went to buy some avocado for my guacamole. It’s lactose free sour cream

I ate a bit late today and I really wanted to eat eggs

Most of the time I eat whole grain bread. With eggs I always eat fine bread. I made a smoothie with this dragonfruit pack I had in my freezer, bananas, pineapple and this strawberry and apple drink. I didn’t have any apple juice… I forvot to buy it even though I went to buy some food on Saturday…



Published by Solskinn

29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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