Hi again 😊


I’m finally back again. I haven’t made much homemade food. Plus I have been busy with other things like cross country skiing during the weekend. I only go cross country skiing when I’m not working. But on Monday I got a cold and I’m still sick. So I didn’t go cross country skiing today despite the nice weather….

It’s been a while but I had ciabatta with cheese for breakfast today. I just put cheese on top and I sprinkle a spice mix on top. It’s a spice mix that is quite common to use on fries or grilled chicken here in Norway.

I also put some sweet potato fries in my air fryer.

I also made a decaf coffee.

I added some chocolate powder too! Sometimes I drink decaf because caffeine overstimulates me. So I can’t drink caffeine too late as I will have trouble sleeping and my hands starts shaking.

(Hehe, in the background you can see some of the equipment I use for preparing my nordic skis.



Published by Solskinn

29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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