My Autumn holiday


Over three weeks I had a small break so I took the train and bus to my parents house. I didn’t do much there but it’s way different than in Oslo. I’m from a small place three hours away from Oslo. It’s like going on a holiday for me now. That feels weird since I lived there for around 20 years. I moved back there after finishing my bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. Originally I had a job there but missed my friends in Oslo. Therefore I applied for another job in Oslo. I’ve been living in Oslo for good since May 2018.

Before every train ride I buy this:

I left Oslo on September 19th to take the train and the bus. It’s Starbucks Mocha Frapuccino with soy milk. The baguetts from Upper Crust at Oslo Central Station are crispy but expensive.

My dad made some dinner for me when I was at their house:

It’s meat with rice noodles and pickled shredded carrot and lettuce.

I like Vietnamese food since it’s not used any dairy. Plus lots of fresh vegetables and greens! The exception is condensated milk which that use in desserts. I just avoid that then!

They drove me back to Oslo since they were helping us with some things at our apartment.

Got a new sofa then too!

I had the table from before. The sofa and puff are from Ikea. I like Ikea since you can find nice furniture that aren’t so expensive and look nice! PS: I like lighter colours but it would be a hassle to keep clean! I have a homemade strawberry smoothie on the table!


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29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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