Homemade waffles and mini pancakes


I’ve been living in my new apartment for over 2 months now. I bought the apartment with my older brother. I’m still single and I don’t like to live alone…

It’s been a while since I had waffles and I decided to make some today. I have to make my own because it’s too much milk in regular waffles… I’ve tried regular waffles and it didn’t go so well…

As I’ve mentioned before, I can only eat cheeses that’s not cream cheese and butter. Everything else is lactose-free. Although, I would sometimes drink soy or oat milk. I don’t use soy or oat milk in my cooking, except for drinks and toppins for my dessert.

Usually I would use lefotver milk but I had some leftover sour cream. I can clearly taste the difference when I don’t use sour cream.

Sometimes, I would eat it with blueberry jam. I also like eating waffles with butter and sugar on top! My other favourite topping is sour cream and blueberry jam. In Norway, it’s also common to add brown cheese as topping.

It takes a bit of time but nothing beats warm fresh waffles. Plus pancakes. I prefer waffles over pancakes. Bit sometimes I would also make some small pancakes. These mini pancakes pictured are a bit thicker than usual. It’s common here to est pancakes after eating soup like tomato soup.



Published by Solskinn

29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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