In Norway, the prices on food have gone up. I can’t buy cheaper dairy products as it has to be lactose free. I could buy cheaper butter and cheese, but that’s not what costs the most. Still, I really wanted strawberries!

I had some grapes in the fridge. I also bought already sliced fresh pineapple along with the fresh strawberries. If I buy an entire pineapple, I won’t eat it up…

I’m not that good at eating enough fruit and vegetables. During the summer I’m a bit better since the weather is warmer. It might be easier to cut up everything and not hide it. When I’m eating out I would ask for a fruit platter since I can’t eat any dessert. Unless the dessert is vegan. So in a way lactose intolerance made me healthier. Primarily because I would potentially eat fruit for the dessert, hehe.

Bye! H


Published by Solskinn

29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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