Summer holiday 2022


I’m still in Juan les Pins but I’m flying back to Oslo, Norway tomorrow.

I ate a lot of fries here, hehe.

This was from the first day. This is from TimeOut. It’s a wrap with meath, fries and some vegetables. It was pretty good and inexpensive.
This was from Saturday, July 2nd at Tiffany’s kitchen. They have employees that speak good English. That’s a plus if you are not familiar with French 😊 The service was quick too!
We went to Nice yesterday and I managed to hurt my foot at the end of the day before we took the train back to Juan les Pins, hehe. This meat was medium rare and pretty good. The service took a while but the food was fine.

The food was fine, and the portion size was fine too. For someone with lactose intolerance it’s not easy to eat out here. I can eat butter with now problems so that makes it a bit easier. Otherwise, I would ask to skip the dressing or sauce. For potatoes it can never go wrong with fries or baked.



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29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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