Had it for so long!


I’ve had my iPad for so long now. I go it for school around 2013. It was a bit challenging to bring my laptop. It’s a bit slow now but it still works and I have no big problems with the battery. It was the first iPad with retina display and Lightning port.

I want to upgrade it soon and I’ve asked at a shop for advice. I can be pickup about screen quality and so he recommended me the iPad Pro. I already have an Asus laptop so I do the bigger projects on there.

I still like to use the iPad for reading as I’ve some books on iBooks. It’s also quite convenient when travelling. On holiday I’m very tempted to use it to read books and check out places to eat and activities.

One day I will also have to update my laptop and I have been tempted several times to get MacBook Pro. I have to have a screen that’s bigger than 13’’. For iPhone or iPad I can use smaller. I’m indecisive because of the price on the MacBook. We’ll see what I’ll choose!

For now, I’ll probably get the iPad Pro with a keyboard. Plus it’s tempting to buy the Apple pencil too!



Published by Solskinn

29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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