Takeaway pizza and Refresher


I was so happy to discover that Atarbucks in Oslo started selling different Refreshers last summer. Because of my lactose intolerance it’s always a risk for me to order a Mocha frappuccino which I like very much. If it’s busy they can mess up the order which can happen. With the Refresher it’s not possible as it’s no dairy in it to begin with! I also like their iced tea lemonade.

I’ve recently asked them to add lemonade to my Strawberry Acai Refresher and I really like it!

It costs more but I don’t mind!

I also ordered a pizza for dinner. The line was so long but I ordered online and chose takeaway. Sometimes I eat outside but most of the time I choose takeaway.

It was a pizza Margeritha with mushrooms. The mushrooms were extra topping.

The pizza was good. It’s from Olivia which can be found at Oslo central station Østbanehallen as well as at Aker Brygge to name two places! The queue is long so be prepared if you visit Oslo and want to eat there!



Published by Solskinn

29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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