Chicken and salad.


Sometimes when I eat salad I like to add lemon pepper (literal translation) and extra virgin olive oil. I get tired of eating the same dressing over and over. There’s only very few options for already made dressings without dairy. So I either make my own, use extra virgin olive oil or lemon.

This is with extra virgin olive oil and lemon pepper. It tastes better if you let the oil soak in the salad.

I had grilled chicken the other day. My older brother bought a whole grilled chicken . I would either eat it with rice, baguette, pasta or salad.

I sprinkled some extra virgin olive oil on the vegetables.
This is a bit more mixed.

It takes a bit of time to chop the vegetables. I would always eat grilled chicken with cucumber or tomato if I’m too lazy.

When I was younger grilled chicken from the shop and rice was a quick and nutritious dinner. Plus we always had vegetables too.



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