I really like snow, especially since it get’s dark so early now. The snow will brighten up. Though it’s tiring to walk in snow that hasn’t been plowed yet.

Below are pictures on my way back to Oslo after spending Christmas with my parents:

The train drives really fast!
Another picture from a different location.

Some pictures when I went cross country skiing. I went cross country skiing once before 2022. I went cross country skiing on both January 1st and January 2nd!

This is where I would typically ski since it has a nice mix of hills. Hills are great exercise for me. It’s because I have exercise induced asthma.

The arena is called Lillomarka Arena and has a mix of artificial snow and natural snow.

Right next to the arena are also ski tracks that can take you to most places on skis. You can either drive up or take a bus. I take the bus and walk up a really steep hill. Which is alsow great exercise for me, hehe.

My light blue jacket was sold last year and is called Skill jacket. It countains a little bit of wool so it’s warm. The jacket with the hoodie was bought this season and is called Nordic Jacket. I get easily cold so I would choose warmer cross country skiing jackets. I also have a thinner one from Swix that I use near the end of the season.

My old skis since I didn’t know how much snow it was.

January 1st:

Used my warmer cross country skiing jacket but it was too warm as the weather wasn’t as cold. It wasn’t sunny but I didn’t mind!
These are the skis I use. It’s racing skis that I bought winter 2021. I wanted faster skis and was totally surprised when they recommended me racing skis. The skis are really soft so it’s suitable for someone with very little technique 🙂 It’s the Fischer Speedmax Classic Jr since I wanted shorter skis. I think the skis are 182cm long but for my height they recommend 187cm. But I think 187cm was too tall, hehe. I use the Rottefella quicklock bindings which means I can move my bindings. But you have to take your skis off. I bought new more stable ski poles called Swix Quantum Five.

January 2nd:

Not as lucky with the weather but I really wanted to go cross country skiing! It was snowing the night of January 1st but to my surprised the tracks were newly prepped.

Foggy 😦
But it wasn’t so foggy that you couldn’t see!

I think I’ll go cross country skiing next weekend!



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