Premade garlic bread


Sorry I haven’t posted anything but I have been busy at work and been tired when I get home. I exercise after work since it helps me relax.

So this is what I’ve been up to:

Ate the last of my corn that my parents hand picked in Autumn… Boiled corn is good but corn in the Air fryer is good too! I also like to eat garlic bread. The garlic bread is bought from the shop frozen.

So on a specific day in December, December 13th it’s common to bake these yellow buns. I baked a week before since I work everyday this week.

I looked up the recipe online and i used real Saffron. It was pretty tasty. I use lactosefree milk and regular butter. I can eat regular butter with no problems. I’m not s big fan of raisins but it’s normal to add raisins.



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29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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