It was about time


Finally, a few months ago I got sports sunglasses. I’ve been using regular sunglasses which was a bit challenging. I like to go biking and some running during the Spring, Summer and Autumn. During the Winter when it’s snow I like to go cross country skiing. Sunglasses is better than nothing and I don’t want to go snow blind when I go cross country skiing in the sun.. beware that the sunglasses wil feel a bit heavy, foggy and maybe icy. It’s possible that the lenses can be a bit icy. The lenses in the sunglasses I used is made of glass.

I would usually go biking, running or skiing like this:

So finally so bought it and it was on sale. Plus some discount since I work near the sports shop that sold them. Sport sunglasses are less likely to fall off your face.

It’s Oakley Radar EV Path XS. I tried the adult version but it was too big on me. Can’t wait to try it out!



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29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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