Baking and train ride to the countryside!


A few weeks ago I baked way to much so I haven’t eaten everything yet…

Two days ago I also took the train to the countryside to visit my parents since I had some days off.

The “lunch cake” is premade from the grocery store but the bun is homemade! Finally I managed to make somewhat fluffy bun.

Usually when I take a long train ride I get something takeaway to eat on the train ride.

I always stop by Upper Crust since their baguette are very crispy. I also really like Starbucks and they started selling Toffee Nut Latte!

I really like the Strawberry Acai Refresha. I bought a ham and cheese baguette! I get the Toffee Nut Latte with soy milk and no whipped cream. Yes, I also brought with me some Haribo sweets.

I’ve started making youtube videos:



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29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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