Some of my favourite restaurants and cafe


Sometimes I like to order my food and some of my favourite food is sushi and baguette!

I was introduced to sushi from some friends in university college. I didn’t quite like it at first but I really like it now! First, I only liked maki but now I prefer sashimi.

The place is called Bamboo Sagene. I don’t eat tuna so I ask them to leave it out.
Sometimes I would also order kappa maki from Bamboo Sagene.

I bought everything I need to make sushi at home so I don’t really need to buy it. But I’m lazy sometimes 😊

Another place I really like that’s quite popular is Upper Crust. It’s located in Oslo central station. You can also find Upper Crust in other places in Norway!

I like either the baguette with cheese and ham, shrimp or egg.

The baguettes are crispy and it’s so easy to buy if you are travelling through Oslo central station.



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29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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