Salad and chicken


Yesterday I had a fried chicken with salad and french fries. I made the ckicken and fries in my air fryer. I don’t like really oily food so I really like my air fryer.

It was actually a salad mix along with cucumber, tomato and radish. I made my own dressing with lactose free sour cream and a mix of spices.

Sometimes I really like fried food but I found out that boiled food is better for me. Thourgh trial and error I’ve found what I need to eat to not upset my stomach. When I as studying in university college I had more stomach problems and it didn’t get better. I did some tests at the doctor and found out I had lactose intolerance. After cutting down on lactose I felt a lot better and my stomach stopped being so upset. It didn’t stop there as I’ve had to further adjust my meals to not upset my stomach. Unfortunately my lactose intolerance progressed so now I can only eat very small amount of lactose (cheese, butter, some baked goods). You could say I’m on some sort of diet. As long as I can eat as much as I want and not get unwell. All the food pictures I’ve shared with you shows how I eat and what works for me. Though, because of my lactose intolerance I eat more homemade food than before.



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29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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