Taco tubs 🌮

Two days ago I had taco for dinner. My older brother made his own spicemix. He also made the salad.

The first time I bought a variety of spices was when I wanted to eat Ranch dressing but I can only eat a very small amount of lactose. So I went and bought all the spices that I needed to make my own Ranch dressing.

I had taco yesterday too as leftovers. I like to eat taco with lactose free sour cream, salsa and guacamole. The salsa and guacamole were bought from the grocery shop. I also like to add cheese. The cheese is similar to Swiss cheese.
I also like taco shells but it’s so hard not to spill when I eat taco shells. So I like these small taco tubs! Yes, my older brother likes to add plenty of red onion in everything he makes.



Published by Solskinn

29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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