Dad’s homemade Pho


Sometimes my parents stop by to either buy something in the Asian shops nearby. There are so many Asian shops a short drive from where I live right now. Originally I come from a small place 3 hours away from Oslo. My parents still live there. They would also visit to visit some of their friends. Yes, there are way more Vietnamese Norwegians in the bigger cities. My parents and my older brother are the only people who I don’t have to explain why I can only very small amount of lactose. Everyone else are so curious.

I really like pho and especially homemade pho. I really like my dad’s pho but also the pho you get in some places in Orange County, CA, USA. You can buy pho in some restaurants in Oslo too. My dad has given me the instructions on making homemade pho. Though I haven’t made it yet.

This was not homemade but it’s some lady who makes it and it’s really good! See picture below:

Yes, I’ll certainly eat more vegetables when I eat Vietnamese food!



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29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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