It has been sunny the past couple of days. Yesterday I went to drive to the beach. This beach has sand but it takes around an hour to get there. I went there with my father. I don’t drive when I’m in Oslo, but my parents have a car. I think it’s pretty smart to drive when I visit their place.

The beach
Waiting for my father at the parking lot 🙂 One of my newest bikini tops. This is a criss cross tieback so it’s not tied around the neck. I find that bikini tops that ties around the neck is uncomfortable. I put this on after swimming. I used my Roxy She Just Shines bikini top and bottom for swimming.

I’m using a Nike sport band for my Apple watch. Plus wearing some loose shorst which I really like. It’s the Nike Tempo shorts for junior. I use a size XL in junior clothing.



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29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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