The time when


There was a year that McDonalds offered big mac mini for the first time. I think it was also the year that they started with paper straws… I think it was in 2018 when everything was pretty normal. I went swimming at Tjuvholmen quite often since it was so warm outside. I would go swimming after work and when I had the day off. It’s way more difficult to swim outdoors in the sea, lake or fjord than in a pool. It’s because of the currents I believe, and therefore I get easily tired. I have exercise induced asthma.

Unfortunately, summer 2018 was the summer that it was so dry on the grass and in the forest everywhere.

It’s usually a lot greener.

The warmest day was:

Yes, on a friday, July 27th. In Norway we use celsius so it would equal to 89,6 F which is way way higher than regular summers in Oslo.

I’m glad that it is not like that this year but there are countries that experience way more extreme temperatures right now. It’s important to stay hydrated and cool when the weather is really warm. That’s why I sometimes prefer colder temperatures since you can just adjust with either more or less clothing. There is no escape when it’s warmer temperatures.

I bought a salad from a salad bar and ate it after swimming:

The dressing is without any dairy.
It looks so small!
Paper straw….

What I like to eat when I go to the cinema:

Bacon snacks!
Or a combination with popcorn. The popcorn is salted and not with butter.



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