Summer 2020 part 2


In 2020 I had my summer holiday in August. I went to my parents house since it would be the easiest because of all the travel restrictions.

I had to take the train and you had to wear a mask. I can take to different routes but on one route you can’t book your own seat. I think it’s due to the fact that the train ride doesn’t take that long. For the outer route, the train continues after my stop and you can book your seat. I thought the safest way was to book my seat and the train couldn’t be fully booked anyway. No one sat next to me since it was the government rules.

This is from when the train stopped in Drammen, Norway.

It took under 3 hours to get to my destination from Oslo central station. My dad went to pick me up, otherwise I can take the bus. The bus would take around 20 minutes to my final destination. It’s a bus that drives across the county.

One day I went to visit the pharmacy where I used to work as a pharmacy student and a little while as a pharmacist. I went back to Oslo since my friends lived there. I also got a hair cut since it was a bit cheaper than getting my hair cut in Oslo.

A few days later we went to Kristiansand. Once again it was just us four, my parents, older brother and me.

At the destination:

We started driving pretty early so it was a bit cold.

My older brother and I drove to an island that’s close by. My parents can’t walk that far so they were by themselves.

Afterwards we went to eat dinner. We had tapas, but I was still not full so on our way back to the hotel I got a Mcdonalds Happy Meal.

I’m the only one who has lactoce intolerance. However, it can be convenient sometimes!
But I love cheese. I can’t eat regular cream cheese but cheese that you can eat with crackers is ok.

During that time the hotels could serve breakfast buffet again. Although it was way different than usual. Everyone lined up nicely and there was disinfection available everywhere.

Before we left we went to see some cannons. That’s right cannons.


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29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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