Barbecue and new glasses!


Yesterday was the first day of my three week long summer holiday.

Since the weather was going to pretty nice my older brother suggested that we would barbecue. I live in an apartment so it’s not allowed to barbeque with gass or coal on the balcony. Luckily, there’s a spot really close to the apartment where you can barbecue.

We went to barbecue around dinner time and after that I’ve gotten my new glasses.

Some of the food. I also grilled some watermelon.
Plus some oher vegetables.

We prepared so much food that we would grill that it took us a little over 2 hours. We used a grill you use once and then throw away. I didn’t find any portable grills in time…

First I picked up my new glasses with colour changing lenses. Sometimes I don’t wear contact lenses but it’s really sunny. So I came up with the idea to get new glasses with colour changing lenses!

The optician was located at Aker Brygge and there were so many people there. I had to wait for a while to get my glasses since there were some people before me who tried on sunglasses. Afterwards I wanted to get Starbucks but the line was too long and it was starting to get really warm too.

The reason why Aker Brygge and surrounding areas are popular is because of the places you can swim plus some shops and places to eat and drink. There are also plenty of ice-cream stands. You can also take a boat to one of the islands and the line was so long. I believe the places where you can swim were full too. Since I got a vaccine shot the day before I didn’t go swimming. My arm hurt a little.

I started walking since I wanted to see the new public beach but taking the tram is not pleasant in that weather. I walked from Aker Brygge all the way to the central station. I regretted it a little bit but I had bought an ice coffee so it was good. I found this little cafe which is called The Fragrance of the heart. I went in there since it said it was vegetarian and some things were vegan. I only paid 50 NOK which is the cheapest ever for me. At all the other cafe’s I have to pay extra. It was so warm so I had too. Otherwise I can make it at home. I’m used to ordering with plant based milk instead of lactosefree milk. Not all cafe’s offer lactosefree milk so I get plant based instead. I prefer soymilk in my coffee or espresso.

They opened a new public beach near the Opera house and it was packed! Though, it looked pretty nice.

Inside of the train stations and shopping centres it’s really warm. You still have to wear a mask when taking public transport. It’s not pleasant at all! Still, the heat can’t beat Summer 2018, it was so warm and the grass everywhere was so dry! The only time I’ve seen so dry grass is when I visit relatives in Orange County, California, USA. Luckily, it wasn’t that bad in 2019 and in 2020. This year it’s not dry like in 2018. So if you’re in Norway and it’s really warm it’s best to go to the beach, the hotel (I think?), the vegetables and fruit section plus the frozen food section in a shop. The coolest place is definitely the frozen food section 🙂

Shot with my iPhone XR. I adjusted the light a bit when taking the picture. To the left is a new library but I haven’t gone in there as it can’t be too crowded…
Screenshot what the temperatures would be that day…The wind didn’t help at all.. The warmest would be 86F. …I think that 68F is warm so yeah…


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