Healthy and not healthy


Once again thank you for following my site!

I’ve eaten healthier these past days but sometimes I really like to eat sweet stuff too! For example this vegan ice-cream from Ben&Jerry’s:

I had it in the freezer for quite some time…I like vegan ice-cream since there’s no dairy in it!

Otherwise I’ve eaten:

Boiled eggs and egg salad. I just add mayo, salt, pepper and dried green onion to my egg salad.
I had some cut up chicken breast for lunch along with avocado, mushroom, corn, tomato, bell pepper and cucumber. I’m not a big fan of seasoning but I added some lemon juice on my chicken breast. Sometimes I eat too much carbohydrates so I find ways to cut down… hehe.
Ate this for dinner yesterday, but the rice paper was so sticky….:(
Ate this for breakfast. I had some leftover from yesterday’s dinner.
I love smoothie! This has frozen strawberry, raspberry, banana and apple juice. I use a hand blender which works pretty well.



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