It was sunny yesterday and today and I really wanted to go cross country skiing. I went cross country skiing by myself. Sometimes I like to go by myself and sometimes I want company. I went to a place that also produces fake snow so it natural snow and fake snow. I went before noon so I could relax for the rest of the day. The snow got a lot softer on my last round compared to when I first started. I used my new skis that I have to wax and it worked pretty well. Before I was debating on getting skin skis or waxable skis and I’m happy that I went with waxable skis. On different facebook groups many people with skin skis had a little bit of problems on these snow conditions. I didn’t have any problems with my skis.

I haven’t bought sports sunglasses yet so I just use my regular sunglasses. The sun is reflected in the snow so it’s important to wear sunglasses 🙂 My eyes are set on buying the Oakley EV Radar EV Path Prism in XS. I’ve tried on both the adult version and junior version and the junior fits me better. The jacket I’m wearing worked well in the warm weather. I have another cross country skiing jacket but it’s for colder weather. I would have been really warm if I wore it. It turns out that you might need at least two sets of cross country skiing clothing. One set for colder temperatures and one set for warmer temperatures. I prefer either Swix or Dæhlie and it’s the two most used brands for cross country skiing too!

I made waffles when I got home!

The waffle iron I used is wuite old and I think the temperature was too high….Hehe. I made it with leftover lactosefree sourcream and lactose free milk.



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29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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