Avocado toast


I like eating avocado and yesterday I tried it with a fried egg in toast. Avocado has lots of benefits and it’s tasty too!

I like to add soy sauce to my fried egg 😊

I have to minimise my caffeine intake since caffeine makes me really awake. Plus too much will upset my stomach a little..

Therefore I drink caffeine free coffee or green tea. Sometimes black tea with flavour too!

At home I drink lactosefree milk since it’s not only me who drink it 🀣 I like soymilk but no one in the house drinks it…

Yes, I used to buy the Starbucks skinny latte that you see in the background. Artificial sweetener upset my stomach so no more of that!


Published by Solskinn

29 year old Vietnamese Norwegian lady who likes food, sports and travel!

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