Skiing is fun!


I really wanted to go downhill skiing but there’s no snow where I live. There’s only snow high up in the mountains. Luckily, a new indoor ski place not far away from my home opened in January😊 The fee to use the area where there’s snow isn’t expensive.

On Thursday February 20th I went there by myself. I don’t mind since none of my friends could.

I had to rent skis and ski boots but I already had a helmet. I started skiing when I was around 6 years old and did it for 10 years. I switched to snowboarding when I was 16 years old. The decision was made based on the fact that someone stole my skis and ski poles when I was 16 years old.

I quit snowboarding since it would eventually mess up my knees and my mother found it more dangerous than skiing since both of your feet are strapped in. The other argument was that I had been skiing for way longer than snowboarding.

Since I won’t go downhill skiing that often I will just rent. I also rented in 2018 when I went to Kongsberg Ski Resort during the Easter.


When I went to try the cross country skiing course:

Own slope that was a bit steeper with gates.

I’m 164cm tall and they gave me skis that are 150cm. Since it’s been a while since I’ve been downhill skiing I chose skis for both beginners and for those who have been skiing a little bit before.

After asking someone who works there I think I will rent the skis for the next level. You could rent skis like I rented, skis that are easier to get in the turn and skis for good skiers.

The skiboots were Atomic which was so comfortable!

I wore a ski pant from Helly Hansen that I really like since it keeps me warm even though it looks like it wouldn’t! I always wear a neckwarmer made from fleece. My skin is extremely sensitive so I can’t use neck warmers in wool ☹️

Had this helmet and goggles for a while. The goggles are maybe a tiny bit too small for me now. However, I didn’t need the goggles indoor.

They also have a cross country skiing track in the air! which I tried a few days before. It was icy for classic but it was fun.

There was also a button lift where you have to grab it first and then walk a few steps then it will pull you.

Pretty fun:

I used to turn like this:

In the video you can see that my skis weren’t completely parallell and for some reason I would point my outside ski towards my inside ski. After watching some videos on youtube my turns got better.

They also have a sports store, closets and a restaurant! It’s open all year round but I won’t go skiing in the summer. I like to swim in the ocean when it’s summer😊

I will go there again for sure!

Especially if the weather is like this and it’s winter:

You can drive or take the bus or train here. The bus stop or train stop is Lørenskog stasjon. There’s signs to show which direction you have to go to get there after either taking the bus or train 😊 There’s also car parking outside.


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