Summer 2019- travelling in premium economy and business class


After many years, I got to visit my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! Plus more relatives like my grand aunt and uncle. I travelled with my mother, father and older brother.

The only airline which flies from Oslo to LAX is Norwegian Airlines. However, for many reasons we chose to transfer. We flew with British Airways which was pretty nice. Because of my lactose intolerance I had to order a special meal for the long haul flight. I decided to order the vegan meal since it has no dairy. There are some instances which I decide to eat vegan. For example if I don’t know how much dairy is in the food. Ordering a special meal from the British Airways site was so easy. They were also helpful when I contacted them and had a few questions.

Since the flight to LAX is quite far, we flew premium economy from London, Heathrow to LAX. When I was a child and teenager we flew in economy, but now we wanted to try premium economy. Although, on the way back home to Oslo, I flew in business class.

I took some pictures of airplanes. So let’s compare the size of a short haul airplane vs a long haul airplane. Especially the wing size!

I think it was the A320 ๐Ÿ™‚
Landed in London, Heathrow. So many British airways airplanes! Was so fun to look outside the window and spot the A380 and Boeing 747 on the way to the gate!

After landing, I went to look in a few shops and lastly sat down to eat some food.

Usually I look around in the airport and in the shops. After that I get hungry and find something to eat.

So after waiting for a bit, it was finally time for boarding.

Wow, that airplane is so much bigger than the ones flying from Oslo Airport that I’ve seen!
We are about to depart (or so I thought so) The wing is so much larger than on the airplane from Oslo to London, Heathrow!

The seats in premium economy is wider than in economy and perfect size for a skinny woman who’s not that tall. I’m only 164cm tall and I had enough legroom. The airplane we flew in was the Boeing 777-300ER. My seat was at the last row of premium economy near the window. The seat couldn’t recline completely, but I didn’t mind. We got a water bottle immediately after boarding. You also get amenity kits with things like lipbalm and eyemask.

Had enough legroom!
Before I found out that the flight was delayed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
I use the Urban Decay Brow Beater since I don’t get an allergic reaction from it.
The wings on the Boeing 777-300ER sure are big!
You can see the wall behind me. No, still inside the airplane and have not left the gate. I think there were multiple reasons why we weren’t let off the plane, hehe. It took a while so I had to take off my hoodie since it was so warm. Luckily they turned on the AC shortly after I took this picture. It was also possible to watch movies while grounded.
Better picture of the wall behind me.
Finally in the air, but over 10 hours left until our destination! I use the Bests By Dre Studio wireless 3. Make sure to bring the cord that comes with it. Since I donโ€™t think you can use wireless.
My special meal is served! It was spicy but it was still good! (I don’t usually eat spicy food) The dessert was really good! They use glass plates in premium economy. The meal tray was inside the arm rest on the left side. You just push a button and it pops up.
You have to order a special meal beforehand. I eat vegan when I donโ€™t have control how much lactose there is in the food. Typically when travelling and eating outside. I can tolerate very small amounts of lactose.

After eating and watching more movies, it was time to sleep. I don’t sleep that well when I sit up, but it was more comfortable than economy class.

After sleeping a bit it was time for more food!

This was pretty tasty to me ๐Ÿ™‚
Unfortunately our flight was delayed for over 2 hours. However, I got the chance to see how approaching the airport looked like during the evening. So much prettier than during the nightime. The flight from London, Heathrow to LAX was operated by American Airlines. The other bonus was that the line for border control wasn’t that long.

After spending some time in California, it was time to travel home. I was so sad, but I knew I would get over the sadness eventually. Those who have relatives nearby are lucky!

I travelled in business class so I had access to the lounge. I don’t have any specific pictures from there but there are plenty of pictures online!

Got a bottle of water before takeoff. Also a choice between apple or orange juice or champagne. I don’t like to drink alcohol so I went with the orange juice.
Before dinner was served ๐Ÿ™‚ Didn’t take a picture of my seat, but there are plenty of pictures online! Much more legroom than in premium economy!

Yummy ๐Ÿ™‚
My main ๐Ÿ™‚
Before landing in London, Heathrow
Landed in London, Heathrow. Look, the 747!
Outside one of the BA lounges. A model of the A380. I have flown with it too, but in economy. Super comfortable and so quiet!
This airplane looks so small compared to the A380
Off to Oslo.

So pretty !

Got food on my way back home since I had booked business class. It’s a 3-3 configuration but there’s a tray in the middle seat. You don’t sit right next to another person as there is a table between you. The food was pretty tasty
Landed pretty late in Oslo because of a delay.

If you want the lie flat bed, you have to either book business class or first class. If you just want a more comfortable seat premium economy is good. Personally, I only will book better than economy for long haul flights. Flights within Europe (yes, Europe consist of many countries) are not that long.

Despite the delays both times! (To LAX and to Oslo), I really enjoyed my flight and I found the food pretty good too. I must admit that I slept better in the business class seat since I could lie flat. The configuration for premium economy was 2-4-2 and in business class 1-2-1. I liked the food I got in premium economy better but it was way more comfortable in business class. Plus you get lounge access when travelling business class๐Ÿ˜Š

Yes, the airport in Oslo is way smaller than London, Heathrow and LAX.

Since the middle of 2018, everyone travelling from European countries has to be asked a few questions before departing to the USA. Or maybe it’s just Europeans? We could check in ourselves in Oslo, but not self-service bag drop. Since we were flying out of Schengen, we had to go through passport control. I was asked a few questions but it was alright. Before departing to LAX from London, Heathrow, I was asked a few questions at the gate. It was pretty fast, but if you hesitate they ask you more questions. We had already applied for ESTA.

So my trip was pretty nice, but I think I will travel not so far away from where I live next Summer ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, the best time to visit Norway is either during June or July or during the Winter. During the winter it’s cold but it’s the time of the year when the streets don’t look that sad since they are decorated for christmas. The best weather overall is during June or July. Usually the other months are either cold, windy or rainy!



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